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From land to sea

Our fenntessa pieces are designed with the quality and durability to wear for a sweaty workout sesh or hittin' the beach.

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Making a Splash with Sustainability

We believe that sustainability in the fashion industry is an achieveable goal. We also believe it never "ends".

At Fenntessa, our mission is to continue to work towards a more sustainable option in the fashion industry. The big leap we've been able to make is creating all of our patterned materials from recycled plastic bottles. Of course, this is not where we stop.

Our swimwear is ISO Certified in an Eco-Process to make sure we have a strong framework to follow an effective environmental management system.

Female Owned

Since 2012, our founders, Cami and Robyn have been passionate about bringing comfortable swimwear options to every woman. This is what makes Fenntessa shine.

Partnering with small businesses, we've been able to feature Fenntessa swimsuits in retailers across Canada and the USA.

You can visit any of our amazing retailers across Canada - and now in select states in the US. For more information on where to find us, visit our Retailers page.

We Put Ethics First

Designed in Vancouver by our very own co-founder Cami Rush, our suits are made in the beautiful city of Medellin in Colombia.

Here, we work with a small, family-run "taller", consisting of about 15 employees that produce our suits in small batches. Each of these employees work an 8 hour day and are paid proper wages.

Both of our founders speak Spanish, have visited the site many times and work closely with our manufacturing partners on a consistent basis.