March 18th SS17 Party

Our Biggest Party Yet!


Robyn Rush and Cami Rush are sisters, business partners and best friends. They design bikinis, have fashion shows and bring people together. They are entrepreneurs who have created a fashion brand based on their love for being at the beach.
The combined creative talents of the Rush sisters is what makes Fenntessa special. Robyn is a social butterfly with the ability to delegate tasks and connect people together. Cami graduated with a Masters in Fashion Design from Domus Academy in Milan Italy, and is putting her degree to use. Both girls speak Spanish and work closely with their manufactures in Medellin, Colombia. They travel overseas to create the patterns, participate in the fittings, and perfect the final designs. 
Running a business is challenging and thrilling for the sisters, yet they love every step of the journey. Fenntessa is a product built from personal strength, self belief, and determination. 

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