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¿Donde viene Fenntessa?

Fenntessa is a hand made product from the beautiful city of Medellin Colombia. Here we work with a small family run "taller" consisting of approximately 15 employees producing "small batch" manufacturing. Our employees work 8 hr days and are paid fair wages.


¿Quien somos?

Robyn Rush and Cami Rush are sisters, business partners and best friends. They are entrepreneurs who have created a fashion brand based on their love for being at the beach.

The combined creative talents of the Rush sisters is what makes Fenntessa special. Robyn is a people person with the ability to delegate tasks and connect people together. Cami is an artist. She graduated with a Masters in Fashion Design from Domus Academy in Milan Italy, and is putting her degree to use. Both girls speak Spanish and work closely with their manufactures. Together they create the patterns, participate in the fittings, and perfect the final designs.