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Article: MEET LEAH



This is Leah's first time walking in the Fenntessa Fashion Show and we are pumped to have her. This free spirit is exactly what the Fashion Show needs. She is fun, friendly and carefree. Can't wait to see this SUPERBABE on the catwalk!!! Watch out Vancouver, this cat is wild!

Fenntessa: This year's collection is inspired by sports. Do you have a favourite sport or physical activity? Can you describe some of the things you do to stay healthy, happy and swimsuit ready?

Leah: I have an affinity for the outdoors and love all physical activities that allow me to be in nature. I love swimming, cycling, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, surfing, and paragliding - all things that allow me to play in the elements. 

Fenntessa: In terms of fashion, we know you can rock Fenntessa bikinis. How would you describe your overall sense of style?

Leah: Thrift store finds of playful sparkle and spunk meets outdoors girl. 

Fenntessa: We know you are all ‘Super Babes’, but what about super powers? If you could have one super power what would it be?

Leah: My super power would be to fluently speak all languages. I love to travel and connect with people and this power would enable me to communicate and make friends with anyone in the world. 

Fenntessa: We LOVE to travel. What's the best vacation you've ever taken?

Leah: A 6 month trip to Australia where we travelled from Brisbane down the coast to Melbourne in a camper van where I was able to wear Fenntessa swimwear the entire time. Nothing but sunshine, surfing and beach bumming - the water baby dream!  

Fenntessa: The print this year is an imaginative composition of animals playing sports. Do you have a favourite animal?

Leah: The Spirit Bear. 

Fenntessa: Dogs vs Cats? Where do you stand? Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Leah: Dogs all the way. I like to play, roll around, and wrestle so a dog is my obvious choice of companion. 

Fenntessa: We are all about the sun (for obvious reasons) but it can't always be sunny out. How do you like to spend a rainy day?

Leah: Rainy days are meant for saying hello to wet looking people on the bus. Say Hello and make a new friend! Also, duck inside a warm cozy cafe with a book and have a cappuccino, you'll feel better instantly. 

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