Meet O'Shea

Those who have been to a Fenntessa Fashion Show might remember O'Shea as the fearless lioness who owned the catwalk. This SUPERBABE oozes confidence and self love. She is as wild as they come. We can't wait to have this beautiful soul back on the runway on March 18th at the Waldorf. See you all there!

Fenntessa: Do you have a favourite work out song, or a jam that makes you feel on top of world?
O'Shea: Anything classic rock and I'm a happy camper.
Fenntessa: We all have to eat. But what are your fave foods when you're trying to stay in tip top shape? On the other hand, What is your favourite junk food?
O'Shea: When I'm trying to stay in shape I love a good smoothie. I love pumping up my smoothies with all the good stuff from maca to moringa. When it comes to junk I have three vices: dark chocolate, cheese, and salt and vinegar chips.
Fenntessa: In terms of fashion, we know you can rock Fenntessa bikinis. How would you describe your overall sense of style?
O'Shea: I like a mix between feminine and masculine. I love pairing a pair of tight high waisted booty hugging jeans with a men's button down or oversized tee. 
Fenntessa: We know you are all ‘Super Babes’, but what about super powers? If you could have one super power what would it be?
O'Shea: This is definitely a tie between flying and breathing under water.
Fenntessa: The print this year is an imaginative composition of animals playing sports. Do you have a favourite animal?
O'Shea: Cats, definitely cats, anyone who knows me, knows I love cats
Fenntessa: Any words to live by or special quote?
O'Shea: Be yourself!

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