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Article: Meet Ray Ray

Meet Ray Ray

Meet Ray Ray

This year we decided to get up close and personal with the 2017 Fenntessa models so you can learn a little bit about them before you meet them on the Catwalk. 

Rachel is Grief Coach, Oracle, Death Doula, Recovering Lawyer,and the Founder of LOSS AND FOUND. She lives her life to the maximum, helping others along the way! She is an inspirational person and we are extremely grateful to have her back on the runway this year. Here are a few questions we asked Superbabe Ray Ray. 

Fenntessa: Can you describe some of the things you do to stay healthy, happy and swimsuit ready?

Rachel: I think taking care of your spiritual self is just as important as your physical being (cuz errythang be connected!). I meditate regularly and work out with friends (ideally in some sunshine).

Fenntessa: Do you have a favourite work out song, or a jam that makes you feel on top of world?

Rachel: My fave workout song is "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer (beep beep!)

Fenntessa: In terms of fashion, we know you can rock Fenntessa bikinis. How would you describe your overall sense of style?

Rachel: Beyonce meets Annie Hall.

Fenntessa: We know you are all ‘Super Babes’, but what about super powers? If you could have one super power what would it be?

Rachel: I always wanted to be able to turn into invisible goo and travel at the speed of light (my Secret World of Alex Mack fans will know what I'm talkin' bout).

Fenntessa: Dogs vs Cats? Where do you stand? Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Rachel: Cats. 100%. I love dogs too, but cats are the shit cuz they just do them all day erryday.

 Fenntessa: Any words to live by or special quote?

Rachel: "Whatever's good for your soul. Do that"



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