Party Animal Video

We are very excited to share our new video for the Party Animal 2017 line.
Director : Mariusz Brozek
Director of Photography : Byron Kopman

Production Manager : Emilia Jasińska
Set Designer : Giselle Bourget
First Asssistant Camera : Kelvin Wong
Key Grip / Gaffer : Adrew Shirley
Sound Recordist : Dave Pullmer
Colorist : David Tomiak
Sound FX : Eugenio Battaglia

Key Make up Artist : Lindsay Kim
Make up Artist : Tori Ng
Make up Artist : Er Hsuan
Make up Artist : Yi Chiao Chen
Key Hair Stylist : Jose Vasquez

Talents :

Robyn Rush
Cami Rush
O'Shea Arrieta
Kate Connell

Extras :

Jillian Nichols
Jeremy Wallace
Dayna Dobrowolski
Francesca Carbonneau
Calum Cameron
Jesse Bastien
Amanda Amos
Tyler Quarles
Julia Boyce - Sargent
Delaney Beaton
Katie Maasik
Shinead D' Sousa
Anke Truthe
Louis Orieux
Victoria Meister
Anna McMillan

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

eehjeucnnj March 25, 2021

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