Meet Mackenzie

This isn't Mackenzie's first Fenntessa Fashion Show, however last year she was unable to model and the show wasn't the same. This year she is back to turn the heat waaaaaaaaayyyyy up!!!!  Here are a few words from one of our Fenntessa favourites. "I’m all about the gypsy life these days! Whether it’s chasing after my dreams of becoming a professional origami maker or beating the Rubik’s cube world record, you can find me frolicking along the coastline of BC….kidding. I’ve never tried origami or even been able to solve the Rubik’s cube, but I am a sucker for the ocean and would much rather be a mermaid as my profession…ha!

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Meet Saxony

Saxony is a beautiful soul! We are so grateful to be friends with this fun and free spirited SUPER BABE. Just like the sun, Saxony will brighten up everything around her! Fenntessa: This year's collection is inspired by sports. Do you have a favourite sport or physical activity? Can you describe some of the things you do to stay healthy, happy and swimsuit ready?Saxony: In the winter I ski and ski tour as much as possible, and in the summer I live in Fenntessa suits! I bought a sailboat three years ago and spend summers living aboard. We sail and cruise around the local Gulf Islands and up the Inside Passage. Fenntessa: We all have to eat. But what are your...

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Meet O'Shea

Those who have been to a Fenntessa Fashion Show might remember O'Shea as the fearless lioness who owned the catwalk. This SUPERBABE oozes confidence and self love. She is as wild as they come. We can't wait to have this beautiful soul back on the runway on March 18th at the Waldorf. See you all there! Fenntessa: Do you have a favourite work out song, or a jam that makes you feel on top of world? O'Shea: Anything classic rock and I'm a happy camper. Fenntessa: We all have to eat. But what are your fave foods when you're trying to stay in tip top shape? On the other hand, What is your favourite junk food? O'Shea: When I'm trying to stay...

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